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This website is for you who´s planning a visit to the peaceful island Gozo.

We have 2 apartments for short lets, situated in the village of Fontana.
They are located  in the heart of Gozo within walking distance to Victoria, the Citadel, the bus terminal, shops, supermarkets, bakery, pubs , bars & restaurants.
Gozo & Malta has nowadays been an easier and less expensive travel destination.
Ryan air flies often to Malta and its a cheap choice.

 is a wonderful, fascinating and quiet stone island with a greater fertility than Malta.
Because of Malta/Gozo´s rich history there´s a lot to see and to explore.
Diving/snorkeling is something that Malta and especially Gozo is famous for, the water is crystal clear and its definitely something you should try.
Just a stone´s throw from Gozo lies the island Comino which is famous for the beautiful blue lagoon.
Travelling from Gozo to Malta is not a problem at all, the ferry travels often and around the clock.